Weekend Cooking Game Plan: Voodoo Chicken

Voodoo chicken is so good, it can work magic. It will help you get whatever you want in life.

Voodoo chicken is so good it can work magic. It will help you get whatever you want in life.


First up, I’m making this best ever beer can chicken, which I made for the first time Wednesday night. This chicken inspired cries of “damn” from the husband and “this chicken is great” from my son. My response? Once the choirs of angels in my head quieted down, I thought the chicken was  A-Mazing. I’m never going to roast a chicken any other way ever again.

You know how Ina Garten has a recipe for engagement chicken? The story goes that whenever any young single thing makes Ina’s roast chicken for a boyfriend, he ends up proposing soon after. This is not that chicken.

Voodoo chicken is so powerful you can get more than a marriage proposal. You can steal a man’s soul, have him whimpering at your apron strings, handing over his bank book and the keys to his truck, his BMW or his Honda Civic, whatever he’s rocking. That’s how good it is.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that we all loved this recipe so much since it has a spice rub and slices of lime tucked under the skin. We all love spicy and we really love lime. The dish is similar to my Garlic Lime Chicken but better.

What I’ve renamed Voodoo Chicken is from Jessica, who operates the lovely and funny How Sweet It Is blog .. She calls it “our favorite beer can chicken” No matter what you call it, you must make it.

I’m also going to make this pasta topped with wild cod instead of shrimp because cod was on sale today.

That’s really it except for bagels and cream cheese for lunches or maybe grilled cheese sandwiches if I can find some decent bread. I bought some really melty, smoked gouda I’d like to use.  I have to work Sunday afternoon so I’ve got to keep things simple. And I have to bake cookies this weekend to get in the mail Monday for my poppy for Father’s Day, which is a week from Sunday…

What’s everyone cooking? What are you giving your dad for Father’s Day? Leave a comment.

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