Say Yes: Yellow Tail Shiraz

My most recent wine for grandma that I’m drinking is Yellow Tail Shiraz. I haven’t posted an image because I couldn’t get the Yellow Tail site to work. It kept asking me for my date of birth and I entered it probably five times but it never let me in. And yes, I was typing the correct year: 1970. More than old enough to peruse a wine website. if you want to try your hand at looking at the website, go here. Maybe you’ll get past the home page.

Again, like many of the wines I drink, my boss recommended this one. I have to tell you to say yes to Yellow Tail Shiraz because it’s is a good value. Drinkable, enjoyable, reliable and priced on many wine shelves $7.49 or 2 for $12. I would describe this one as bold and peppery.

If you can’t get to the website, or even if you can, read this story about the company, W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd., which has had crazy success.

But “wildly successful” was a term that [yellow tail] quickly redefined when it leapt from zero to 112,000 cases in its first year [2001] to 7.5 million cases in 2005. –Kristen Wolfe Bieler for Beverage Media Group


What kind of wine are you drinking these days? Leave a comment below. I’m always looking for suggestions for new wines or old favorites to try.



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