Stuff I’ve Gotta Share + You’ve Gotta See

I've put together a compilation of links, recipes, podcast suggestions and more you've gotta see today.

I’ve put together a compilation of links, recipes, podcast suggestions and more you’ve gotta see today.

Hi friend,

I hope you’re having a good week. I hope you haven’t been affected by any of the hurricanes in the Pacific.

Here are fun things I’ve found for your reading and listening pleasure this week, so pull up a chair and grab a drink:


Okay, if you’ve ever owned a Barbie doll or harbor Barbie doll fantasies, you’ve gotta see this line of shoes.

Dress Your Home on the Cheap:

Home decor is not exactly my wheelhouse but when I do look for furnishings, I don’t like to spend a lot of money. Here are 50 finds under $50

Recipes to Blow Your Taste Buds:

I’m Facebook friends with the lady who owns the preschool that Mr. 12 attended back in the day. She shared this recipe today and I can’t wait to try it. I’m all about butternut squash, even more so if it involves cheese and pasta, which are two of the four essential food groups. :)

Life Skills:

Are you childless by choice and tired of defending yourself? This should shut people up.

Beauty: (Technically, also a life skill)

This quiz about your ideal nail color isn’t very scientific but take it anyway. I got “maroon” or “indigo.” What color did you get?

Would you get an IV in the name of beauty?


Raise your hand if you had a crush on Rick Springfield back in the ’80’s. I did however I might have changed my tune if I had realized he was around my father’s age. Anyhoo, Mr. Springfield turned 66 last week! And he also starred in the latest Meryl Streep movie, Ricki and the Flash. And apparently Mr. Springfield has been busy acting and writing bestselling books since the 80′s. I always assume celebrities crawl into a closet where they sit on a shelf, covered in dust, waiting to be discovered again after their 15 minutes of fame evaporates.

Cat Bidness:

How well do you speak cat? Even if you’ve had a lifetime of cat roomies, you may still be missing out on essential lingo. For example, the only time I lived without a cat was college and yet, I only scored a 58 percent in the How Well Do You Speak Cat quiz.


J.K. Rowling got a whole bunch of people reading again with her Harry Potter series. Here’s a list of ideas for more books to read if you loved Harry Potter.


Do you have a blog? Do you know about Darren Rowse who created Well, he’s created a podcast*, which is immensely helpful. I think he’s on episode 39. I suggest you give it a listen. In most of the podcasts, Darren gives you a list of steps to take to improve your blog. The podcast is free. There’s also a book, which I think has a fee.


Speaking of podcasts, are you using the native podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad? You really should be using an app like Overcast: Podcast Player*, which says it has features like as Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smarter Playlists to help you listen to more podcasts in more places, try new shows, and completely control your experience. I want to try Overcast because I enjoy podcasts but I often find them difficult to navigate or manage.

Tell me what stuff you’ve gotta share this week :)

Happy September,



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August’s Guilty Pleasure


I thought it might be fun, in the interest of keeping it real with you my friend, to share some of my badness with you. My plan is to do this every month, ’cause I’m bad on the regular. I’m going to share it in the form of a “guilty pleasure” post with photo.  August’s guilty pleasure was easy for me to figure out.

August's Guilty Pleasure Bacon Cheese Fries

August’s Guilty Pleasure Bacon Cheese Fries

True confession time: I drove through Wendy’s about once a week during August to consume an order of Baconator Fries. These are a tray of french fries smothered in melty, drippy, hot, artificial cheese and topped with big pieces of crispy bacon. And they are so, so good.

The good news is, I don’t eat anything else, just the fries.

I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with carbohydrates smothered in melted cheese while I was pregnant and could not eat enough to stave off the hunger pains. One of my favorite snacks was Ore-Ida french fries baked in the oven until crispy and then topped with a slice or two of Kraft cheese until all gooey and ooey.

These fries remind me of that.

What was your guilty pleasure during August? C’mon and tell me, you know you had one. And I won’t tell anyone else, I pinkie swear on my Girl Scout Badge of Honor :)

Albert Einstein Inspiration for You

Albert wanted me to give you a bit of inspiration for this day.

Albert wanted me to give you a bit of inspiration for this day.

Hi pal,

I hope your day is going well. Albert Einstein wanted me to pass along one of his old, inspiration quotes to you today.

So, what have you tried new recently?




5 Things I’m Loving Lately + A Series You Must Read


Happy Caturday Barbie dolls and Ken dolls.  How are you?

I am feeling a little wistful. My parents (M.D. Mommy Dearest and Poppy) left Maine Friday to go back to their year-round home in Missouri. Soon, I hope, Maine will be their main home.

I got lost for a little while in a good book written by one of my most favorite authors ever  to cheer myself up. In fact, that book is shown below, one of the

Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

1. Deborah Harkness: If you don’t know Deborah Harkness, you’re missing out on a true storyteller. Don’t let the fact that her series, the All Souls Trilogy, has magical creatures in it keep you from reading it. It’s not one of those typical supernatural or paranormal books out in the mass market.

For one thing, Harkness is a professor of history and teaches European history and the history of science at the University of Southern California. She has published two works of historical non-fiction, John Dee’s Conversations with Angels: Cabala, Alchemy and the End of Nature (1999) and The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution (2007). —Source

For another, the books in this series, at least the first two, have hit the New York Times Best-Seller Lists almost immediately.

I just started reading the third novel, which is called The Book of Life. I’ve never enjoyed novels more than I have this series. In fact, I usually refuse to read any novels that are series.

The Book of Life (All Souls Trilogy #3) by Deborah Harkness (Hardcover)

But, a few years ago I picked up the first one: A Discovery of Witches and Could Not Stop Reading It. A Discovery was called “a sophisticated fairy tale for adults” by the San Antonio Express-News The San Antonio Express-News was right.

A Discovery of Witches (Hardcover)

Even Mr. 47, who is not a reader, has fallen in love with these books.

The second in the series is Shadow of Night.

Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness (Hardcover)


2. Bar food for dinner. We just got back from a local pub where I made a meal of fried mushrooms with horseradish dipping sauce and a cold frosty one. Delish.

3. The Yoga By Candace Official App, She’s a great teacher. It’s convenient to have her library of youtube videos in one spot on my phone and seeing it on my screen is a reminder to practice. Candace recently hit 50,000 subscribers on Youtube. You should check her out.

4. San Pellegrino: While M.D. was here, she had stocked her fridge with cans of San Pellegrino. I like all the flavors but Pompelmo and Limonata are my favorites.


A word of warning about San Pellegrino: those cans have more calories than a can of Coca-Cola. Not a lot more, but more.

Leopard is the new black. I need a purse, shoes and belt, of course, I won't wear it all at once.

Leopard is the new black. I need a purse, shoes and belt, of course, I won’t wear it all at once.

5. Leopard print–it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, which thrills me. I’ve always considered animal print a neutral, like black or denim. Leopard is my favorite of the animal prints although I did have a zebra print handbag for a while that I would get a ton of compliments for. I miss that bag. This week I’ve found leopard print belts, purses and shoes that I need.

Tell me what five things you’re loving right now.

Cheap Art App for Your iPhone!

Hi artsy iPhone-toting person,

There’s a cheap app you can get for your iPhone today that looks really cool, the National Gallery, London HD by Evolution Games LLP. This app is usally $1.99. However, it’s been marked down to .99 until Aug. 31.

Here’s what the developer has to say:

“The interface is simple and clean. The art speaks for itself.” – Sharechair
“The app is a solid value for the number of paintings it delivers, without bells and whistles.” – PadGadget

Art gallery in your pocket. App presents a unique opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of world art at any time. Maybe, you are going the subway, or standing in a traffic jam with our app you can use this time to visit the world of Rubens, Titian and Rembrandt.

You can easily save the masterpieces you like to your iPhone or iPad as well as send HD picture to your e-mail. Also you can share pictures with your friends in Facebook.
If you are tired after a hard day, just put the app in slide-show mode, turn on the classical music and enjoy the best pictures of the world art.

Do you have any art apps on your phone?